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Live Instagram Indexing Test

A few months ago, I decided to switch my Instagram settings from Private to Public. No special reason for doing it, but on the other hand I also never had a special reason setting it up as private in the first place.

Recently, I realized my Instagram account isn’t indexed:

Instagram Not Indexed

Why? for the same reason many other webpages aren’t re-indexed on a regular basis.

So right now I’m simply adding this link to my Instagram account, and once the page is indexed, I’m editing this post to let you know how much time exactly it took.

Stay tuned.

And here’s the update:

The blog post was indexed within 3 hours even without using Fetch and Render in the Search console. And my Instagram account was added to the index 10 hours later.

Instagram Indexing

In short, if you’re changing your Instagram settings from Private to public, you may need to give it a little push with a single link. Nothing surprising here to SEOs, but worked even faster than I thought.

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