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It’s February, do you remember your 2018 resolutions?

Probably as everyone else, I love taking the last few days of December to review the year, and plan the year ahead.

For me personally, 2017 was a challenging year at, as our YoY growth rates were lower than in most previous years. If to be more specific, the low volatility in the Stock markets hit us quite hard, as 2017 was simply BORING in financial markets.

So how did we still grow? Well first we did a lot of things this year, and improved quite a lot of aspects, but honestly it was the interest in Crypto that helped us the most, as it was our main focus for Q3 and Q4.

A new year’s resolutions are always exciting, you take a clean piece of paper (or a clean doc on your computer), and you start fantasizing about all of the things you’ll achieve in the year to come.

A couple of weeks later, and you’re so busy with your day-to-day that you barely remember you even made that resolutions list.

Since it has been a month now and we’re starting February, I wanted to check if I was able to achieve 8% of what I planned for 2018.

Guess what, I didn’t. I realized that I spent a big portion of January planning, instead of getting the important shit done.

Here’s how I suggest moving forward:

  1. Make a yearly list

  2. Cut in half, keep the 50% that really matters

  3. Break your goals into monthly action items (don’t read further if you haven’t done that!)

  4. Check your list every single month (First week, probably not on a Monday)

  5. Plan your calendar well in advance, and block out time for your resolutions

I know I’ll do better in February. And you? You just keep track of your list and adjust your own time to it. Don’t let your day-to-day beat you.

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