• Igal Stolpner

Covid-19 and its impact on online marketers

The Covid-19 crisis was a shock for all of us. No one thought only 3 months ago that this is how 2020 will look. Websites liked are losing over 80% of their traffic simply because nobody is now planning any vacations or business trips. On the other hand, with every crisis, there’s an opportunity. Not for everyone, but still for many.

As marketers and SEOs, we need to look at this situation just as investors do. We need to slow down, not panic, and understand the market. Where is this going in the short and long term? Two things we know are that this is going to take a while, and that it will be behind us eventually.

Right now, many companies cut their PPC budgets, because people no longer buy. Can you pivot these campaigns towards topics that are gaining interest right now? I mean it isn’t just toilet paper that people are now looking for. If not, see if these budgets (and man power) can help you get ready for the future. The fact that SEO is a long term investment now becomes a significant advantage. Plan for the day we’re back to our daily routines, and this is a great time to fix things that have been waiting for a while.

If in fact this situation is good for your business, or you were able to pivot successfully, the most important thing is not to take advantage of it. People now need happiness, so make your users happy. Give them more. They’ll remember it after this thing is over.

Affiliates, both those focusing on SEO and especially those focusing on performance marketing, now have tons of opportunities. Tools such as SimilarWeb, SEMRush, and even free keyword tools and Google trends can easily tell you what people are now looking for. The opportunities are endless.

Staying at home of course may have a very different experience if you have kids with you or not, but if you do, perhaps you’ll enjoy my recent post on on how to survive working from home with 3 little kids. Hope you like it.

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